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hot thursdays

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Me and the roomies have decided we’re going to try not heating our house in order to save money on the utilities and to just be badass like that.

But, in order to give us a break and something to look forward to, we’re going to heat one day a week. Behold Hot Thursdays.

I can’t wait till Hot Thursday. It’s freezing in here.

Rize and The Weather Man

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Now that I’m catching up on all these posts, I’ll write about a couple movies I’ve seen in the last couple weeks that I had things to say about.

Rize is a documentary chronicling an inner city art (reminding me of Freestyle: the Art of Rhyme in that matter). This documents the rise of the “clowning” and “krumping” dance styles. These are amazingly fast moving dance styles. They’re hard to describe. The filming was mostly of pretty low production value, but in sort of an intimate way. There’s one section that filmed in gorgeous and very vivid color that’s just breathtaking for that but the rest is amazing for this dancing. It’s definitely worthwhile.

I saw The Weather Man last night with Andy. It’s a story of a weather man trying to juggle his career and family—his separated wife/ divorced (?) and kids. It’s about more than that as well. He’s a weather man; not a meterologist, just a weather man. This is the sort of movie I would expect to see in art house movie theaters, but it’s in major theaters and getting a good amount of promotion. It’s a subtle movie in some ways; it’s fairly slow paced and it’s not spelled out how you should feel for all the characters. Even the characters you like have visible flaws. It’s also funny in parts. Nicholas Cage is good in the lead and indie stalwart Hope Davis plays his ex. I’m not divorced or forty or a weather man but I related to Cage’s character some in the ways he is frustrated with life and figuring out how to live it.

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