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I still buy lots of CDs, despite the fact that it’s soooo 90s. I bought one of those 128 CD cases today and transfered all the CDs I’ve bought since I moved out here into it (plus a couple from before when I moved). Turns out it almostly exactly filled the booklet.

There were a number of CDs I’d forgotten that I had and at least a few that I know I have but can’t find:

  • Ghost of Great Highway by Sun Kil Moon found it!
  • Emblems by Matt Pond PA
  • Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens (the case is here but the CD is not!)

Can anyone take a picture or tell me what is on the CD itself for Seven Swans?

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  1. Alex Says:

    So, was it one of those binder types where you toss the jewel cases, or a traditional slot-loading case?

  2. Patrick Says:

    The Seven Swans CD is a light mustard color with an image of the same swan that’s on the cover of the liner notes. It’d be tough not to miss.

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