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covers contest #10 entries

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As I announced a couple weeks ago, we are restarting the covers contest. Today the first entries are in.

This week’s cover was Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Original).

The entries:

(Andy’s may come later.)

I found this a pretty challenging song to do a cover of. Basically what I found I had to do was listen to it a few times and then not think about it for about a week and a half and then record my version.

After you’ve listened, please vote for the best and most original cover versions.

Update: Andy’s announced the next song, for cover’s contest #11. It’s Continuous Hit Music by American Analog Set (Original). Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ll have three weeks for this so entries will be due December 6, 2005.

2 Responses to “covers contest #10 entries”

  1. dolphio Says:

    I have a suggestion for one of the next covers:

    Roundabout by Yes.

    It should be pretty challenging, but could be very intersting.

  2. adrian is rad » Blog Archive » “continuous hit music” due in less than a week Says:

    […] Just a quick reminder that the the cover for covers contest #11, continuous hit music is due next Monday at midnight. […]

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