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those hilarious midwesterners

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I noticed on John Vanderslice’s tour schedule that he was playing at the “Kraftbrau Brewery” in Michigan. This is funny. It’s is obviously trying to be a clever reference to craft brews and German beer. It fails on a couple accounts. Kraft means “power,” “force” or “potency.” Brau means nothing, but braeu, usually spelled bräu means brew. (To their defense it does say Kraftbräu on their frontpage.) So Kraftbräu Brewery means something like Power Brew Brewery.

The funniest thing I ever heard of in terms of misusing words was a place my friend Colin saw in Wisconsin called das Gifthaus (he had a picture to prove it.) Gift means “poison” so this was a “poison house.” Not exactly what they meant, I would assume.

2 Responses to “those hilarious midwesterners”

  1. dug Says:

    that’s just like the la brea tar pits.
    and miso soup.
    and chai tea.
    and pinyon pine.

    (jon gets credit for two of these entries).

  2. Dolphio Says:

    Okay, so I get La Brea, and Chai..

    But isn’t Miso “a fermented soybean paste”? How is that redundant or ironic?

    I don’t even know what a Pinyon pine is, but I’ll assume it means pine?

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