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crushes 1, 3, 4

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In overly personal news, I noticed today on someone-that-I-don’t-talk-to-much’s away message that the first girl I had a crush on got married today.

I didn’t really have a crush on a girl until into high school. So if you’re keeping track, crush 1 is now married. I think I heard that crush 2 is married/ engaged. Crush 3 has a 3 year old daughter but isn’t married and crush four was engaged as of around this time last year, so she’s probably married by now. It’s harder to keep track to the crushes (the numbers) after that.

One Response to “crushes 1, 3, 4”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    Don’t worry Adrian – I’m still single so that should help your numbers a bit – or do boy crushes not count?

    Why is it with ex’s or with girls you crush on that after they dump/reject you they fall into some kind of perfect relationship? And then you’re forced to stand around watching this thing that’s perfect in every way except for you not being part of the equation. As if you were the spark – the motivation for them to go find that love with someone like you – but better than you. Someone that’s better looking and doesn’t smell bad. Well fine – I stink. And I’m ugly. There’s nothing I can do about it. You go ahead and marry good looking nice smelling guy. See if I care.

    Oops – sorry – forgot this was your blog for a second there.

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