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musicians make me laugh

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Two quotes from musicians from PopMatters interviews in the last month that made me laugh:

I go to someone’s site, and I see they have a 100 MP3s and I love them forever. But then I go to bands’ sites, and they have one song up and it’s in Real Audio and I’m thinking, What’s your home address because I’m going to stab you in the lungs. Just come out for your mail because I’m going to shank you.

—from this interview with John Vanderslice.

PopMatters: When I asked the last two artists I interviewed what contemporary musicians they liked most, they both immediately mentioned Smog. Richard Buckner even said that he buys everything you release “the minute it comes out”. How does that make you feel?

Bill Callahan: I have come to realize that I am really, really fucking good. So much better than almost everything that is going on around me. I am sorry but it is true.

—from this interview with (smog)’s Bill Callahan.

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  1. gillian Says:

    jv is so rad! we are going to see him tonight.

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