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I once was a Moody Guitar Show

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As a bit of warning: I’m trading my radio show this week on the KZSU. I’ll be on Thursday 9pm-midnight for the indie rocking. To fit in the format of the normal show that’s there, Lick My Moody Guitar, I will be playing guitar-based music only. Lots of mogwai and indie rock! here we go!

In my place on Thursday (6-9am) Red West will be doing my show. (Red West doesn’t host Lick My Moody Guitar show; this is a three-way trade that would make major league baseball teams jealous.) He’s going to have a guest host from Pittsburgh (that’s good), doing some 80s indie rock (that’s good) and some obscure gothy stuff (not so good). Should still be a decent show if you want to tune in.

Part of the reason I switched is that I found out that I could get a staff ticket to see Iron & Wine and Calexico at the Warfield on Wednesday night. I don’t want to be super tired on Thursday after staying late-ish for the show on Wednesday.

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