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for your handy reference

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Andy’s made a handy chart of all 9 possible outcomes of Yankees, Red Sox and Indians outcomes of the next two days. Each game will eliminate a row or a column.

4 Responses to “for your handy reference”

  1. gillian Says:

    That was not made by “Andy”. Do you know how I know? Because “Andy” doesn’t like sports. (Except, arguably, the Steelers.) Also, he doesn’t live in California.

    That person is Andy2.

    Alternatively, you all could stop calling “Andy” Andy and start calling him by his actual name.

  2. Adrian Says:

    a) shut

    b) I linked to “andy’s” blog, making it obvious that it was andyl not andy. duh.

  3. gillian Says:

    Well, Andyl’s blog doesn’t have a name and SOME OF US DON’T KNOW YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT FROM PITTSBURGH.

  4. Adrian Says:

    Look, you know your Andy doesn’t have a blog, thus when I link to a blog and attach the name “Andy,” you know it’s not him. It’s quite simple.

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