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Steelers lost again those guys on Sunday. It was a close game. Well that’s not really true. Steelers were better for the first half and the other dudes were basically dominant for the second half. They have a bye week so it’ll be a week and a half until I get to see them win again.

The BoSox are a game back in the AL East and tied for the wild card spot. In the last two days the A’s and the Giants got elimanted from the pennant race in their respective divisions. The Pirates got eliminated approximately four months ago.

5 Responses to “sports recap”

  1. Jesse Says:

    it’s almost as if you asked for my analysis…

    I’d say the first half was pretty even. there a few factors that make it hard to compare. going in favor of pitt were a few big (arguably lucky) plays: 85 yd td pass, 2 takeaways in the red zone. and of course new england got one big break of their own: the botched lateral. aside from those few plays new england looked better in just about every way, subjectively and in the stats. of course those big plays are very important and can’t just be ignored.

  2. Milkshake Says:

    I’m almost glad the Steelers lost – I’ll take a win against “those guys” in the playoffs when it counts.

  3. Tark Says:

    See in you in Foxboro on January 22.

  4. Adrian Says:

    Well, there was a point in the game where the last 8 possesions for NE ended in something like 4 punts, 2 fumbles, 1 interception, and one missed field goal. During the same time, the Steelers scored 13 points.

  5. Jesse Says:

    that’s a convenient window of possesions you picked to compare…

    all Pitt possesions during that window: 1 TD (on a single-play drive, the 85 yard pass), 2 field goals (both on drives that started in NE territory), 1 fumble, 1 missed field goal, 1 end of half, and 2 punts.

    Pitt’s major advantage during that window of possesions was plain old luck.

    and what about the other possesions that don’t fall into that window?
    NE: 2 TDs, 3 FGs
    Pitt: 1 TD, 4 punts, 1 end of game

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