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What’s with soundtracks these days?

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What’s with soundtracks these days? There are some really good ones!

The latest is the Thumbsucker soundtrack. It’s got about 20 new songs from the Polyphonic Spree and three Elliott Smith songs, one of which (“Troubled” originally by Cat Stevens) is previously unreleased. Here’s the story of the soundtrack, how it came to be these two artists on the soundtrack.

On the first listen, it’s real good!

sports recap

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Steelers lost again those guys on Sunday. It was a close game. Well that’s not really true. Steelers were better for the first half and the other dudes were basically dominant for the second half. They have a bye week so it’ll be a week and a half until I get to see them win again.

The BoSox are a game back in the AL East and tied for the wild card spot. In the last two days the A’s and the Giants got elimanted from the pennant race in their respective divisions. The Pirates got eliminated approximately four months ago.

more playlist

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this could quite well be the longest I’ve had between posts. lack of laptop and being busy have kept me away.

but seriously, did you miss me?

anyway, here’s the playlist for this week.

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