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I saw the Headphones last night at Cafe du Nord. Serene Lakes and Crystal Skulls opened for them.

Serene Lakes were enjoyable. Sort of emoish or like the mid-90s band Seam. They had free CD EPs at the concert and I got one. I haven’t listened to it yet.

The Crystal Skulls have a lot of potential in that they have two members, Yuuki Matthews and Casey Foubert, in common with the great Seattle band, Seldom. In the end, though, they were not that good. They would start out a song and it’d sound good but it’d ineviably turn bad. The harmonic ideas were noodling and random; the chords just seemed to go from one random chord to another in an unsatisfying manner.

The Headphones played a short but enjoyable set. David Bazan and TW Walsh have good non-verbal communication and are tight when they play together. John Vanderslice was in the front row and seemed to be enjoying the show.

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