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national bike to work day

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how’d everyone do? I drove because it was raining and because I had my radio show before hand. Not much of an excuse, I know.

I bike 3-4 times a week to work, on average, though. That counts for something, right?

raddest hurricane EVER

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Adrian is rad.

feber pitch

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Andyl and I saw Fever Pitch on Sunday Night. I liked it.

It’s a movie about a fanatical Red Sox fan (Jimmy Fallon) and his priorities with new non-Red Sox fan girlfriend (Drew Barrymore) based on a book about a fanatical soccer fan.

It’s by the Farrelly brothers (Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber), so there is some gratuitous (and funny) bathroom humor, but mostly it’s a love song to the Red Sox and their 2004 season. And something of a love story between Fallon and Barrymore too.

Both Andyl and I came out of the movie, somewhat strangely for a movie about a team and a girl, very nostalgic for Boston. I knew where Drew Barrymore’s character lived (based on the First Baptist Church, at the corner of Comm Ave and Clarendon, you see as Jimmy Fallon leaves her apartment); it’s probably around 93 Marlborough. That was about a five minute walk from tEp; fenway was about a fifteen minute walk. It’s all very familiar.

Caveats to my liking this movie:

  • I like the Red Sox.
  • I like Boston.
  • I like Jimmy Fallon (but even that couldn’t get me to watch Taxi)
  • I like Drew Barrymore.

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