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5,120 miles to go before I sleep.

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After 1 year (as of today) of owning my 1997 VW Golf, I have driven just over 5,120 miles on it. I thought I’d come in under 5,000 for the year, but I’ve been driving a lot this week, driving to work (because it’s raining, normally I bike), two trips to airports, one to the City, one to Oakland and one to Sunnyvale. It was probably 250 miles in the past week.

I hit 4000 in August sometime, I think. Since I’ve been biking to work in June, I’ve been putting very few miles on it.

I think I should try to put on less than 5000 this year. We’ll see.

One Response to “5,120 miles to go before I sleep.”

  1. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Now that I’ve got a real job, my commute is 36 miles, each way. Not only does my car (’89 cherokee) not get the best milage, but I’m worried that it might not be able to handle 72 miles/day for the long term…

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