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5,120 miles to go before I sleep.

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After 1 year (as of today) of owning my 1997 VW Golf, I have driven just over 5,120 miles on it. I thought I’d come in under 5,000 for the year, but I’ve been driving a lot this week, driving to work (because it’s raining, normally I bike), two trips to airports, one to the City, one to Oakland and one to Sunnyvale. It was probably 250 miles in the past week.

I hit 4000 in August sometime, I think. Since I’ve been biking to work in June, I’ve been putting very few miles on it.

I think I should try to put on less than 5000 this year. We’ll see.


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So I have this Napoleon Dynamite watch that Andy gave me. It displays the time in a digital format. It also says “idiot” (like in the movie), when one presses the button.

Today I was walking to my car and back in the rain to get something and when I got back to work, well, I guess some water had gotten into the watch because it started saying “idiot!” repeatedly. As it turns out, this is embarrassing in a quiet office.

I ended up taking it off and shoving it to the bottom of my bag, covering it with as much stuff as possible, closing the bag and shoving it as far under my desk as it would go.

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