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(Seam is a great minimalist indie rock band from Chicago, active mostly from 94-99. They’re worth checking out if you haven’t heard them.)

I’ve been listening to Seam a lot lately, especially the middle two albums (the Problem with Me, which I know intimately, and Are you driving me crazy?, which I recognize all the songs on, but am not as familiar with), so I decided to poke around on the interenet to see what was up. I was surpised to see that they still have a website (well a fansite) and that it has some news in the past few years. I had given up Seam as totally bust but they actually seem (get it?? seem!) to have played once in 2003. Crazy. They haven’t toured the US since early 1999, I believe.

And another surprise was that Sooyoung Park, the lead of Seam, is in a new band called Ee. I’ll have to check them out.

There are bands that few people really liked when they were active but now get named dropped a lot. Slint was one of these bands and now they’re having a reunion tour and people are out of their minds. Then there are bands that people liked at the time, like Archers of Loaf and, to some extent, Seam, that no one mentions now. When’s the last time time you read a review that said a band’s sound harkened back to Seam? Weird.

[Update: haha. search and ye shall find. Here’s a review that name drops Seam. There aren’t many however. ]

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