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reunion, mineo’s and a neverending night

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I’m at my gate to cincinnati. short flight there and then to sfo after a short intermission of sorts.

Last night was my 5 year high school reunion. In many ways it was exceedingly weird. I went down with andy, dave and randy. we stood awkwardly in the have-to-yell-over-the-music loud sports rock cafe. we played the who’s that? game and then talked to various people for a few hours. I talked to kirstin richardson, lekse, ben jewel, and kristen werner mostly. A few people didn’t recognize me at all. I guess I do look pretty different from high school.

we headed to mineo’s, a great tradition among us. it’s a classic greasy pizza joint that’s open late. kirstin met up with us there having left the reunion before us. we ate some pizza, drank some pop and–this is the best part and probably the keystone of the tradition–we read the City Paper and didn’t talk to each other besides reading sections of various articles aloud.

we finished off the night with half of the big lebowski at kirstin’s and then andy and dave crashing on my couches while I packed and showered. my mom and the two of them came to the airport with me to say bye.

good times. the reunion, I may remember as awkward, but this day I’ll remember as a good one– we did good on this one.

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