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Covers contest #8 entries, #7 results, #9 song

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This week’s cover contest was for the song Matter by boom bip (Original)


*I’d like to note that this one is not in stereo. It was done with one mic—banjo and vocals at the same time—all the way through, no overdubs or patch-ins.

Listen and vote for the best and most original cover. We have lots of entries this week so lots of votes would be good!

The results for last week’s cover of Consequence by the Notwist were:
Adrian 3
Dave 0

Most Original:
Adrian 3
Dave 0

Not that many votes but a clear mandate for ME. weeeeeeeeeeeee

The song for next week is Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie (Original)

3 Responses to “Covers contest #8 entries, #7 results, #9 song”

  1. andy (not andyl) Says:

    1. Does anybody *not* listen in stereo? I mean, c’mon. If anybody’s only got one speaker on their stereo, please speak up.

    2. I uploaded a slightly mastered version of my cover – the levels should be better (which just means you’ll be able to hear my awful vocal gating job more easily).

  2. Adrian Says:

    I sometimes listen out of my computer speakers in a couple of circumstances so it basically sounds like mono. Jesse’s speakers were close enough together compared to where he sat that he didn’t get stereo separation.

    Often when I mean “in stereo” I basically mean on headphones.

  3. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Yeah, I know, I know.

    I’m just giving you crap because you’re using your blog for what is effectively promoting your songs over the other entries – when your song is “better in stereo!” the implication is that none of the other entries are mixed in order to take advantage of the stereo field. Which isn’t true!

    Whether or not it’s your right to do such a thing, because it’s your blog, is another matter.

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