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travels (cape town to dc)

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jo'burg airport

I left South Africa on Thursday and traveled for about 26 hours until I landed in DC on Friday morning. Everything has gone pretty smoothly so far. The flight and travel felt shorter than I expected; I got in before the big snow fall here; I’ve had a great time hanging out with friends; and the Steelers stopped their losing streak yesterday in a ridiculous game.

andy at lunch

I was hoping for some cold weather and snow when I got here but I didn’t expect the biggest December snowfall in DC’s history. We mostly just huddled inside, had some beer and pizza. In the evening, we went for a nice walk on still-unplowed streets in picturesque neighborhoods. It reminded me a bit of Norman Rockwell.

snow on street

It’s been a bit disorienting being back. Besides going from the hot summer to snow and winter, there have been some cultural shocks as well. People speak differently and think differently, things work differently, some things are easier, some are harder.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Hey Adrian! Sounds like quite a trip! Were you staying with Andrew in DC? I bet you guys had a blast being snowed in!!! There’s a strange possibility that I may be flying to South Africa over spring break… I’m not sure to which city, but I’ll keep you updated just in case it’d work out to see you. That’d be a blast! Merry Christmas!

  2. adrian Says:

    Christine! Yup, I was with Andy in DC. Yeah, it was a good time. Definitely let me know if you head to SA in the spring (/ fall in SA). Cape Town is the best but let me know where ever you go and I can give you some recommendations.

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