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The require readings of 21L.002

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I was thinking about this yesterday. The require readings for 21L.002: Foundations of Western Culture II were pretty tremendously varied and interesting.

When I took it, they were:

  • Bernardino, Fray The War of Conquest: How It Was Waged Here in Mexico
  • Blake, William Songs of Innocence and Experience
  • Card, Orson Scott Ender’s Game
  • Card, Orson Scott Speaker for the Dead
  • Machiavelli, Nicolo The Prince
  • Ondaatje, Michael Anil’s Ghost
  • Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Voltaire, Francois-Marie Candide
  • Whitman, Walt Civil War Poetry and Prose
  • Williams, Helen Maria Letters Written in France

And selected parts of:

  • Cortes, Hernan Letters from Mexico
  • Levinson, Sanford Written in Stone: Public Monuments in Changing Societies
  • Lowell, Robert “For the Union Dead”
  • Walcott, Derek “A Far Cry from Africa,” “Ruins of a Great House,” and “Season of Phantasmal Peace”

What a ridiculous range of stuff! I’m glad I took it.

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