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beverage cap mishaps

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Two beverage cap mishaps:

  1. March 2002, Orangina bottle. Decided to follow the instructions to “shake well” despite forgetting that I’d removed the cap. Computer lab left sticky.
  2. July 2009, Coke Zero bottle. Tried to drink out of it despite the cap still being on. Knocked cap into teeth.

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  1. Colin Says:

    I may have told you about visiting a friend’s grandparents’ house one time and an incident involving Russian dressing. The grandmother had unscrewed the caps on the dressing bottles but left them on. The grandfather, seeing the cap on the bottle, assumed the cap was screwed on and shook vigorously. Russian dressing went everywhere – all over the table, all over the floor, and in his ear, among other places. Needless to say, he was very angry and it was incredibly awkward to sit there as a guest.

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