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I guess it’s almost a month ago that I went to Yosemite for the first time. I went with my friend Dave and his girlfriend Sarah, who’d just gotten off the plane from the UK.

Dave has gone multiple times a year for many years, so I just let him say what we should do. We went hiking from Glaciar Point down to the valley floor. We ate and drank. We lay in a field and tried to pick out climbers on the face of El Capitan. We found a grove of Giant Sequoias. We did a midnight hike up to Mirror Pond and saw it again in the day time.

Photographically, I brought my D80 and my ’60s-era Yashica A TLR. (I ran Velvia 50 through the Yashica.)

More photos after the jump

picking out climbers on El Capitan

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  1. mummy Says:

    Fantastic pictures! What amazed me about Yosemite were the multiple layers of park experience available, different scenery and many facets of sheer natural beauty. I think you captured a lot of that.

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