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I can’t believe I live here.

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[Warning: American Apparel’s ads, which are featured some of the links, tend to have people in moderate states of undress. Some links are somewhat NSFW.]

So my neighborhood in San Francisco is the Mission. It’s split in two parts–broadly generalizing–young, white hipsters and Latino families. The center of hipster commerce is Valencia Street, while more of the Mission Street.

American Apparel is a brand that appeals to hipsters. They make tight fitting clothing and make it in America. They wanted to put in one of their stores on Valencia Street–a perfect fit, right?

by gretchen robinette

Apparently not. People were up in arms (well some people were). People, plenty of whom were probably wearing American Apparel at the time, said they didn’t want a chain store on their Valencia Street. They wanted their unique and pricey boutiques instead.

Blogs and newspapers were abuzz with developments. There was a protest (where the above photo was from).

The Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition was against it but pointed out that the pricey boutiques were also displacing older stores. (Irony.) They also pointed out that people weren’t up in arms about the plans related to an old movie theater on Mission Street.

Eventually the San Francisco planning commission voted against allowing the store. American Apparel apologized and offered Mission residents discounts at their other SF stores.

Wow, what a strange place this is.

2 Responses to “I can’t believe I live here.”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    I notice in the picture you have posted above that the protester has a Whole Foods bag. Yeah way to be consistent jagoff! As a general rule I hate most corporations and try to “vote with my wallet” by not buying their products. However a few companies haven’t completely sold their souls and I am happy to buy their products. American Apparel is one such company. I don’t know many local businesses that have locals sitting around sewing clothes and selling them. You pretty much have to buy factory made clothing from some rich bastard and usually that means the workers are little children being paid next to nothing. I’m happy when I buy t-shirts from AA because the workers are being paid a living wage to make my clothes.

  2. adrian Says:

    Milkshake, I agree about “voting with my wallet”, but the protesters’ point wasn’t that they didn’t like American Apparel, but that they didn’t want one on their Valencia Street.

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