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thin wallet/ card holders?

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I’m looking for recommendations for thin wallets/ credit card holders. My situation has gotten out of control. My wallet’s giant–and I don’t even carry money in it anymore. (Both bills and coins go in my back pocket while my wallet goes in my left pocket, though I could see carrying bills in my wallet.)

I have a lot of cards and miscellaneous things I carry around: two credit cards, two debit cards, driver’s license, cards for three different transportation systems, tickets for the public pools, and business cards. That’s the minimum–I also have movie rental store cards, other people’s business cards and things that I could probably prune out.

My brother (indirectly) suggested All-Ett wallets, though I feel like the area might be too big. Or there’s those combined card holder/ money clips that you see on late-night TV. Or there’s just regular old card holders.

Is there anyone particularly happy with their solution to this problem?

Update This looks like a reasonable way to get rid of some of those club cards. Also These wallets seem to be another thin option.

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