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This stuff tastes pretty horrible

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I’d forgotten I came down with a cold last time I went to South Africa.

Also, the cough syrup is in a glass bottle. Who puts medicine in a glass bottle these days?

This is my favorite glass

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This is by far my favorite glass.

wow. that’s pretty hard to believe

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I left Taiwan and came back to the States a year ago today.

You can see my initial reactions to being back and my stewed thoughts.

Mostly it just seems strange that that was already a year ago. Time passing–you can’t really avoid it, it seems.

as good as I hoped it’d be

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Probably the highlight of my day was that I found a home-made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich in the back of the freezer. It was one of a a batch that I made for my birthday party at the end of August.

It was as good or possibly even better than I hoped it’d be. The ice cream had sort of soaked into and saturated the cookies, making them super cookies of sorts.

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