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America is (or seems to be) . . .

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dark, quiet, sparsely populated, wasteful, English-speaking, diverse, casual, expensive

filled with…
people who drive everywhere, giant cars, giant portions of food, giant supermarkets, giant stores, giant napkins, whites, blacks, latinos/as, smiling people

4 Responses to “America is (or seems to be) . . .”

  1. john ferguson Says:

    hey there,
    my name is john ferguson.
    i found your website while googling “wurlitzer 206a”. i play keyboards in the apples in stereo. you said you saw us in october…i was the guy in the space suit.
    i was wondering if you could give me some advice or direct me to a website where i can find info.
    i’m having a tough time finding specs on the internet on how to modify the wurlitzer 206a into a road worthy keyboard. i’ve detached the top from the base. it was easy enough. but now i’ve got a bunch of wires hanging out of the bottom. i saw where you can just unplug the white mult next to the circuit board. obviously i need to reconnect the ground when i modify the AC cable.
    anyway, i’d love to get some advice if you have the time or inclination.
    i appreciate it!
    please write me at [redacted]

    thanks dude!

    john ferguson

  2. adrian Says:


    I did see you in October. You guys were great in Taipei. I’ll reply offline on this.

  3. Milkshake Says:

    Wow look at you getting celeb comments!

    I just wanted to say welcome home. I’m back in the states too – I think we were both out of the country for 3 months. I’m going back to spain for at least 6 months and maybe a lot more.

    America really is all of those things. I really like the english speaking part of it though.

  4. john ferguson Says:


    crazy that you saw us in taipei! we had a blast over there. did i meet you after the show?
    looking forward to your suggestions on this wurly. right now, mine is disassembled all over my living room. i’m going to put in a regular AC cable right now. my biggest concern is all the wires hooked into the circuit board that were specific to the bottom half of the wurly, ie. microphone, headphones, aux, etc.
    do i have to unsolder those from the circuit board or is unhooking the white mult plug good enough?


    john ferguson

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