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I went to my 7th wedding of the year on Saturday.

Dates: May 25, June 14, July 5, August 2, August 10, August 31, November 29

Relations: high school friend, college friend (tEp), high school friend, college friend (tEp), college friend (tEp), cousin, college friend

Flights taken (total round trips) for weddings: 16 (5)

States and districts visited for weddings: 8 (PA, DE, CA, MA, MD, DC, VA, NY)

Number of weddings that were in San Francisco: 1

Number of weddings not in San Francisco where I met a singer of a San Francisco band: 1

Number of weddings with photobooths or faux-photobooths: 2

Number of weddings with the ceremonies in a church: 0

Number of weddings with significant religious components: 2 (Christian, Hindu)

Number of weddings with the weddings and reception at the same place: 4

Shortest ceremony: 15 or 20 minutes

Longest ceremony: 50ish minutes

Number of hilarious grandparents loudly asking questions during the ceremony (“How old is she?” “Where’s Danny?”): 1

Number of rented cars: 1

Number of nights in hotel rooms: 5

Percentage of Bischoffs I saw: ~82%

Percentage of friends I saw: I dunno. Lots.

Number of weddings during which I “danced”: 4

Number of weddings in which I wore a tux: 2

Number of weddings in which I wore a suit: 4

Number of weddings in tuxes at which I “danced”: 2

Number of weddings in suits at which I “danced”: 2

Number of speeches I made: 2

Best wedding music: dhol drum to accompany the groom’s procession (Indian wedding)

Holidays weekends (as determined by my company) during the time frame of the wedding dates: 4 (Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving)

Holiday weekends that had weddings on them: 4

Projected date of next wedding I’ll attend: May 23, 2009

Some weddings get rough

2 Responses to “weddings”

  1. Colin Says:

    I like the tie knot in your photobooth pictures. Is that the Windsor or something else? It almost looks big enough and symmetrical enough to be the Hannover.

  2. adrian Says:

    Thanks. It’s a Windsor with a pretty thick tie which is why it’s so big.

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