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(As Mr. Schlachter would be sure to correctly pronounce, that’s said Ne-an-der-tal.)

Do you know what you do with your bottle or can when you finish your beverage in Dallas? You throw it out. In the trashcan.

I’m not judging (or not meaning to). Social conventions and practices are different in different parts of the country and all. But living where people give you guilt trips if you don’t compost, it’s a bit of a shock. I mean, even Pittsburgh recycles.

2 Responses to “neanderthals”

  1. mummy Says:

    Yes, in Pittsburgh you have to ‘redd up’, right?

  2. laura Says:

    LA SUCKS in that regard as well. I mean they have recycling in buildings, but if you’re wandering the streets OR halls of UCLA and have recycling to get rid of you have to hold onto for hours until you get home or find the one recycling container in the building or admit defeat and feel like a terrible person for not recycling.

    I miss composting! agh. I loved how basically everything you use can be composted in SF. Dreaming of a day I can move back…

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