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(As Mr. Schlachter would be sure to correctly pronounce, that’s said Ne-an-der-tal.)

Do you know what you do with your bottle or can when you finish your beverage in Dallas? You throw it out. In the trashcan.

I’m not judging (or not meaning to). Social conventions and practices are different in different parts of the country and all. But living where people give you guilt trips if you don’t compost, it’s a bit of a shock. I mean, even Pittsburgh recycles.


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I’ve been in the three most populous states in three days. It’s a bit tiring.

Also, here’s something: flights in/ out of LaGuardia are limited to 1500 miles except for Denver (any day) and Saturdays. Dallas Fort Worth to LaGuardia is 1389 miles.

Hope your time with family/ friends is good.

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