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there is almost nothing interesting about this observation

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Sandwiches, even meaty and hot ones on buns, are usually cut in half, either straight or at an angle, and then eaten from the middle to the outsides. Hamburgers and hotdogs, though, are eaten from the outside or end and are rarely cut.

3 Responses to “there is almost nothing interesting about this observation”

  1. sarah louise Says:

    And yet, I had never thought about it.

  2. Laura Says:

    I miss eating meat (well, when i’m doing my pretend vegetarian thing).

    Remember when I made you walk into every sandwich shop from haight & webster to amoeba and so I could ask them if they made their chicken salad without celery? You miss me; I know you do.

  3. adrian Says:

    Missing meat is a fairly easy longing to solve. I’m just saying…

    Yeah,I remember that. Yeah, I miss you, Laura.

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