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cold stone label

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A label on a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake, paraphrased:

Your health is of utmost importance to us. Please beware that Cold Stone Creamery products may contain trace amounts of tree nuts, soybeans, eggs…

If you’re so concerned about their health, how about warning people that the products may contain massive amounts of fat and sugar?

8 Responses to “cold stone label”

  1. Robert Says:

    Ice Cream = Fat + Sugar
    No matter what brand

  2. adrian Says:

    Thanks, Robert, for stating the obvious.

    And, in fact, it varies widely: Breyers has 4g fat per 100g while Cold Stone has 14g fat for the same mass. The Cold Stone has about 50% more calories, too.

  3. Duane Says:

    Ice cream fat varies by type. Light ice cream has less fat. You have compared a light ice cream with a regular premium ice cream so that is why there is such a difference in fat. If all of Breyers ice cream was 4g fat per 100g few people would buy it.

  4. adrian Says:

    My mistake Duane, but I maintain that ice cream varies in general, not even just by “light” or “regular”. 1/2 cup (68g) of Breyers has 7g fat and 130 calories which is about 10g of fat and 190 calories per 100g. The Cold Stone equivalent still has 40% more fat and 22% more calories than the Breyers regular equivalent.

  5. Lizzy Says:

    I think Adrian’s point stands. Light or not, there is a very wide range in the nutritional content of different ice-creams– different brands and varieties– and Cold Stone is particularly ridiculous.

    I also think that it is interesting that there are several steps to get the nutritional data from Cold Stone’s website.

  6. Jesse Says:

    Tree nuts, soybeans, and eggs are common food allergens. If someone was allergic to fat/sugar they should know to avoid ice cream (not that they would even survive long enough to be born).

  7. adrian Says:

    My point is more that many more people die of obesity-related illnesses than food allergies, so if they were really concerned with the health of the population, their warning would include something about their product’s fat and caloric content.

  8. Milkshake Says:

    Perhaps you would like it to read:

    Your health is of upmost importance to us. Ice cream will make your fat. Our brand in paticular will make you really fat. Obesity increases your chance of dying from a heart attack. Our product is completely unhealthy and you should never eat it. Also being fat will cause nobody to love you which is bad for your mental health.

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