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birthday giving

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Somehow I started a tradition a couple years ago of donating some money to charities around my birthday. Here’s how it worked out this year:

Criteria: I like Africa and South Africa in particular. I like efficient organizations. (I only donate to four star charities.) I think international charities can help more people per dollar than American charities. My primary concern is saving lives now and in the future. At the same time, I think one should strive to help out locally and nationally as well.

Okay, that’s it, I think. I’m a little reluctant to post about this as always.

if it happens a third time, you may punch me

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A second pair of glasses is at the bottom of a large body of water. This time I thought I was taking out a notice jet skier, but he turned out to be an experienced jet skier with a penchant for speed and sharp turns.

und er muss alles trinken

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I’m pretty sure I heard beer pong explained in German as I was walking out of the airport yesterday. The explainer: a moderately effeminate Asian man.

(His accent was either native or very very good, too.)

wedding party favors

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Seriously, every wedding should have the following party favors: gatorade and advil. Maybe just lined up by the door so people can take them as they leave.

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