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recent readings and thoughts, political and otherwise

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Here’s some stuff I found interesting in the last while or thoughts I’ve had, largely without comment.

NY Times spends 36 hours in my neighborhood (photos)–here’s the article. Not entirely unrepresentative.

I think there’s some reasons to be hopeful about what’s going on in Zimbabwe, but like pretty much everyone, I’m going to see what actually comes of it.

Here’s another NY Times piece about Palin as a stepping point to different ideas of the American West (NYtimes login required; bugmenot helps).

I’ve stopped buying Cavendish bananas, for now at least. There are other cultivars available around here.

NY Times Magazine had a piece on Bush’s last stretch and his sometimes contentious relationship with McCain.

There’s an project to find the first black African cyclists that will compete in the Tour de France.

I watched a video of two suited guys longboarding down Berkeley Hills. It’s about twice as long as it needs to be, but it’s pretty spectacular. Make sure you see the turn around 3:26-3:30.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

72% of Americans apparently feel that it is important for the president to have strong religious beliefs.

Biden and other Catholic politicians have been refused communion (or its been strongly suggested they don’t present themselves for communion) regarding their abortion stance. Have their been similar suggestions or outcries for Biden (or other politicians) because of their disagreement with Catholic Church’s stance death penalty? I haven’t heard any. Maybe it’s just that evangelicals make up a louder voting block and there’s no unified position there on the death penalty.

I find adultery appalling–once I very nearly threw up when I saw a friend kiss a girl that wasn’t his girlfriend–but it’s legal and don’t think it should be illegal. I’d never thought of it (and moreso its implications) that way before.

2 Responses to “recent readings and thoughts, political and otherwise”

  1. Colin Says:

    I agree with the Catholic Church’s stance on the death penalty. From a purely secular standpoint, I believe that eliminating the possibility of executing an innocent person far outweighs any perceived societal benefits to the death penalty. From a Christian standpoint, Christians are not just encouraged, but rather commanded, to forgive those who have hurt them. Therefore, it is not justifiable for a Christian to demand or even desire that the perpetrator of a crime against a loved one be put to death. That is counter to current American sensibilities but it is straight from the Bible.

  2. Jesse Says:

    I am often surprised by statistics that are quoted in the media. I wonder how these statistics would look if they were filtered to include only my peer group. I don’t know who will actually see this, but anyway, the survey about the importance of religious beliefs for the prez is here.

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