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how hard would it be?

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My rental car this weekend seems[1] to have a feature where the radio gets louder when you go faster (and the engine/ car noise goes up). It works pretty well, but not perfectly.

But, really, how hard would it be to put a beat detector on the radio and sync the turn signals up with it? I’m pretty sure the turn signals are already run off of a microprocessor (through probably a FET) in modern cars, so it’d just be another sensor and a bit more code.

[1] I can’t find anything about the Chevy Cobalt doing this online but I’m pretty sure it does?

3 Responses to “how hard would it be?”

  1. Colin Says:

    This was an advertised feature in the Chevy Malibu, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cobalt did it too. You’re right that syncing up the turn signals to the beat would be sweet, though if you were listening to some crazy 1000 BPM techno, your car might explode.

  2. Dolphio Says:

    Crystal’s car does that. Personally I find it annoying (perhaps a bit of a control freak?), but she really likes it.

    Although that would be cool, I think the purpose of them making sounds in the first place is to remind you that they’re on. If they blend into the music, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? Its like making stop lights blend in with the sky.

  3. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Wait, wait. You’re obviously going the wrong direction with this one. You need to figure out what the BPM of your car’s turn signals is, and then make a mix of songs that fit the BPM. Girls would love it, I promise.

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