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how hard would it be?

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My rental car this weekend seems[1] to have a feature where the radio gets louder when you go faster (and the engine/ car noise goes up). It works pretty well, but not perfectly.

But, really, how hard would it be to put a beat detector on the radio and sync the turn signals up with it? I’m pretty sure the turn signals are already run off of a microprocessor (through probably a FET) in modern cars, so it’d just be another sensor and a bit more code.

[1] I can’t find anything about the Chevy Cobalt doing this online but I’m pretty sure it does?

I’m watching the boston fireworks on TV

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(Shipping Up to Boston makes me feel very nostalgic for the city even though it was recorded years after I left the town.)

That’s my celebration of the 4th, I guess.

I’m back in San Diego, this time I’m here to attend a friend’s wedding.

A main problem of traveling on holidays is that nothing is open. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade circa 1988. Couldn’t find a place open to use the bathroom for what seemed like hours.

This evening, I went to find dinner. The place I intended to go was closed, of course, so I went across the strip mall to look for something else. This is perhaps the longest strip mall ever made. I walked across perhaps half a mile of parking lot. This place was big enough to have a TGI Fridays, a Boston Market, a Marshall’s, a Mervins, a Shoe Pavillion, a Payless Shoes, a Barnes and Nobles, an In N Out, and probably 50 more establishments….I got brisket at Joey’s BBQ.

Then I saw Wall E. It was really good. Pretty interesting concept for a film–and impressive that they made a compelling film about robots virtually without dialog.

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