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pepsi retro

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In Mexico I had a Pepsi Retro.

It has “natural ingredients” and “no artificial flavors or colors” (that’s what the Spanish says, I think). As we know, I like my sodas sans corn syrup.

It has an old timey taste. Jesse tried it as well and said the same thing. I liked it. Generally I like Coke a lot better than Pepsi but if Pepsi Retro was available in Estados Unidos (apparently it’s Mx only), I might even buy it over regular coke (though probably not over Mexican Coke (w/ sugar rather than corn syrup) in a glass bottle, which is available in some stores around me.

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  1. Colin Says:

    According to Heather, “endulzantes” means sweeteners. So, it could have artificial flavors, just not artificial sweeteners. In any case, it seems to be universally accepted that soft drinks made with sugar are a lot better than those made with high fructose corn syrup, though I don’t think that high fructose corn syrup would qualify as an artificial sweetener.

  2. Steve Tanner Says:

    Adrian, I’m quite jealous that you got to try Pepsi Retro. Still haven’t gotten my hands on a bottle. Also, thanks for linking to my info on! :)

  3. adrian is rad » thumsup! Says:

    […] tasted old timey–like Coke with sugar or Pepsi Retro. I like that old time […]

  4. Jorge Says:

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