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CBS Outdoor Advertising are liars!

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A billboard on the building opposite of my work’s:

15’x22′?? I don’t think so!

As anyone with spacial abilities can tell, that banner is not even close to a 1.46:1 ratio! From the windows and scale of the people, one can tell it is more like 15’x40′.

You can’t fool me, CBS Outdoor Advertising!

2 Responses to “CBS Outdoor Advertising are liars!”

  1. libs Says:

    I feel like there must be an explanation other than the size being a descriptor of that particular ad. It must describe something else… hmm, maybe this is where my non-literal thinking messes me up. I don’t see that sign of dimensions as necessarily being applicable to that ad post, I see a problem of determining what it /was/ trying to describe…

  2. adrian Says:

    I can’t see that sign being anything but displaying the possible size of the available banner.

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