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three scenes from San Diego

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1. Coronado, a beach near the Hotel Del. Mid-afternoon. Walking across that area of sand that’s firm because water has run over it recently and dipping my fingers into the chilly Pacific and pondering aloud if the military planes roaring overhead on their way to the base were Harriers. I don’t think they are.

2. A bar in South Park. Night time. Between local bands giving it their all on a small stage in the dark club and packed in among the local young hipster population, discussing merits of a variety of many recent bands on the scene with a new friend.

3. Balboa Park, near the Moreton Bay Fig. Late afternoon. Lying on my back on the slightly damp grass, staring up at the deeply saturated sky, talking about finances and how it’s strange to be an adult with an old friend.

new level of awkward

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I’ve done awfully awkward “you too”s before. The guy ripping my ticket at a movie: “Enjoy the movie” “You too…if you happen to see a movie sometime soon…”

Well today, I was flying back to San Francisco. I slept the whole flight. I was drowsy when getting off.

As I was exiting the plane:

Flight attendant: Thanks for flying.

Me: Bye. Have a good flight.

I think I might have meant “night”. Otherwise I really have no excuse.

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