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new level of awkward

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I’ve done awfully awkward “you too”s before. The guy ripping my ticket at a movie: “Enjoy the movie” “You too…if you happen to see a movie sometime soon…”

Well today, I was flying back to San Francisco. I slept the whole flight. I was drowsy when getting off.

As I was exiting the plane:

Flight attendant: Thanks for flying.

Me: Bye. Have a good flight.

I think I might have meant “night”. Otherwise I really have no excuse.

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  1. Colin Says:

    I have had some great/terrible “you too”s also. I wish I could remember all of them. I have a vague recollection of saying “you too” to a woman in response to something she said to me that only made sense for a man. Obviously, though, I didn’t find it that embarrassing or I would have remembered it better.

    Fortunately, “you too”s come at the end of conversations, so right after you say them, you leave and don’t have to face the person anymore. More embarrassing are situations, say, at the beginning of a phone call where the conversation goes like this:

    Me: “Hi, how are you?”
    Other: “Good, how are you?”
    Me: “Good, how are you?”
    … awkward pause …
    Me: “Uh, I guess I already asked you that…”

    It’s been a while since this has happened to me, but it’s really painful, so I remember it well.

  2. adrian Says:

    Oh, yeah, I’ve definitely done that a number of times.

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