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my junk mail

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has shown me that one of the charities that I regularly donate to has sold or given away my address to other charities.

A) I hate junk mail from charities–please spend your money on what I’m donating my money to get you to do, not on sending junk mail and B) I’m giving you my money because I trust what you do with it. Selling my address isn’t a great way to retain my trust.

4 Responses to “my junk mail”

  1. Leo Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that non-profits (like the ones that send you name labels and then ask for a donation) sometimes get donations in the form of services (like printing/mailings/postage/etc) and that they don’t actually spend much on solicitations.

    I don’t agree that it’s a good thing, but I totally hate it when they sell your info to someone. I found out also that the USPS sells your address to anyone who wants it. I see junk mail like fiber to the mail digestive system, and the actual letters you send/receive are like corn kernels!

  2. Colin Says:

    Well, one advantage of moving is that after mail-forwarding expires, that junk mail will be lost in the ether.

    It’s too bad you can’t make an automated rule for your snail mail like you can for your email that would automatically put mail from certain senders directly in the trash.

  3. nishant Says:

    lots of people ion my country were struggling for food and other basic needs, children were very far from education, so i need someone or some organisation who can help them , i am just a mediatior or volunter,so please think ones , tht your small support can change lots to other needy people

  4. mummy Says:

    thinking that once I had moved, all the charities and mail order places would lose me…. to the contrary. How do they do that?

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