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weird autonomous region of the week: Faroe Islands

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the Faroe Islands, which is a region of Denmark but is almost 200 miles from the nearest inhabited islands, which are Shetland (and are quite a bit farther from Denmark). There’s a ferry there from Iceland, so maybe I’ll have to add this on to my future Iceland trip.

I forgot to post last week’s weird autonomous region of the week the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China.

former/ first, latter/ last

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More lessons from Adrian. Former/ latter is comparative between two objects. For example:

I like apples and grapes. I like the former because of the crispness while I like the latter because of the sweetness.

(I’m just making stuff here.)

First/ last point to the ends of a string of things. If you have three or more objects, you may think you sound smart using former/ latter, but it’s not right.

For example:

I like ladybugs, lightning bugs and butterflies. I have fond memories of the first [not former] from my younger days.

That makes for an a bit of an awkward sentence so perhaps “first of those” would be most appropriate.

soundsystems on bikes

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Basically just a caribeann-style sound system but on bikes. Pretty good photo essay.

I am definitely going to be a standup

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my newest joke: “I came back into town after being away for a while and I had to get my affairs back in order. But it was hard, let me tell you. Those women did not like organization.”


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