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full ignorance is better

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than half ignorance.

The cab driver last night took me on a pretty circuitous route (though, I think it was because he was a bad–rather than a malice–cab driver) and then short-changed me when I paid him. What did I do? Get out the cab and go to my apartment because that’s all I could do. Because I don’t speak Chinese.

It would have been easier if I just thought he was giving me a fair deal. Oh well.

2 Responses to “full ignorance is better”

  1. libs Says:

    I think malicious is the adjective you were aiming for.

  2. adrian Says:

    I think I meant to use malice. “rather than a cab driver acting with malice” might have been the phrasing I meant. Or perhaps I was trying to thing of “malevolent” or maybe even “malignant.”

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