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what’s the capital of Thailand?

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You may or may not know that high school joke, but the answer is Bangkok, which is where I am for the (long) weekend. It’s kind of crazy.

I just had some outrageous chicken masaman and chicken metaba and rotti. Outrageous. It made my day better.

I’m staying in a place for under 7 dollars a night. It has a clean sheet and pillow case and I have a private room. And the people who run the place are super helpful. Like draw you maps of exactly where you need to go helpful. I like them. It doesn’t have a ton else going for it, but it’s good enough.

I went to a market today that quite possibly had 1000 stalls. It was very extensive. I got lost a few times. Good thing I had a map of the market.

Tomorrow I’m hitting some serious ruins (Ayuthaya–I would wikipedia link it for you but it’s too slow here) tomorrow. I’m not sure how I’m getting there and back yet. Maybe bus. Or train. I’m hoping the front desk/ guest house-running people will be super helpful again on that one.

This isn’t a giant city, but it has a lot of traffic. That limits what’s reasonable to do. I’m not going to be a particularly good recommender of things to do here, I think, because I’ll have seen relatively little.

Also, my foot hurts, ranging from a little to a lot. I might get a foot massage. It probably won’t help, but my other foot will probably feel relaxed afterwards.

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