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taipei food

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From street vendors you can get a thing where it’s a rice sausage (rice in sausage casing) cut open with a regular (meat) sausage placed inside, cut open and spices and things put inside. It is cheap and good.

Hey Song Sarsparilla soda is pretty good. Sort of like root beer but a bit more tea-like.

They have strange flavors of chips.

They also had Short Rib Doritos, initiating a test like those done for previous weird Doritos flavors. Full experiment after the jump (at the bottom of the post)

In Fugi and I think other fishing villages you can pick live seafood from buckets and they’ll cook it 10 feet away and serve it to you. We picked out some mantis shrimp, a fish, some mussels, oysters and some small fish. It ended up being way too much food, of course, but it was great. The mussels were among the best I’ve had.

Doritos “Short Ribs” flavor experiment after the jump.


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