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elsafe safe doesn’t want to lock/ close?

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So your Elsafe hotel safe doesn’t want to lock. It keeps saying that it’s “open” when it’s closed? The batteries probably need to be replaced.

Here is the instruction manual if you want to read more. Replacing the batteries is pretty simple.

Update: I am not associated with Elsafe. Please direct questions to them or read the instruction manual linked above.

23 Responses to “elsafe safe doesn’t want to lock/ close?”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. adrian Says:

    Read the instruction manual–you have to call your local Elsafe sales representative.

  3. adrian Says:

    Also, you capslock key is on.

  4. Joe Bush Says:

    I have an old original Elsafe and the led screen does not stay on. Do I need new batteries?
    Thank You
    Joe Bush
    Cell – 609-335-0775

  5. rusk hirosak Says:

    on the led screen showing “SER”, every time i press a key. Do i need new batteries, if so how do i changed it? this are the numbers i got from the safe (220-022) the brand is just showing the “Elsafe”

  6. Fernando Perez Says:

    I have an old ELSAFE digital box Model7341- Knic-5 with 6 digital code. I know the 6 #s code but the screen always show me “CLOSED”. It was disconected for 3 months. How may open now?
    Thank you
    Fernando Perez

  7. Denise Says:

    the unit locked and I cant get into it. I Do not know the code. What can I do.

  8. Denise Says:

    I cant get in the unit, Its locked,

  9. Jonel Neda Says:

    I have an old ELSAFE I’m not sure of the Serial number. When I press any number the ” 5Er ” is display on the screen.

    Please see if you can help in this case

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Jonel Neda Says:

    I have old ELSAFE when I press any number “5Er’
    display on the screen come on

    Thanks for your help

  11. tyrone Says:

    forgot pass word numbers how to open without cutting it open

  12. gopal joshi Says:

    hi i get this elsafe from a scrap merchant.but its lock i am trying so many time but no result now there is a msg on the led clsd & its parmanent.there is a slot like mouse.please help

  13. walker Says:

    Safe won’t open Shows 5 Er

  14. daniel Says:

     My ELSAFE when I press any number “5Er’
    display on the screen come on

    Thanks for your help

  15. wei ling Says:

    i have the problem,my elsafe can close and on the screen display said SEr02, please help me

  16. Danie Says:

    5Er shows, can you help?

  17. Peter Hauser Says:

    Elsafe indicates SER on screen. How can I clear?

  18. James Deforest Says:

    My elsafe display says ser how do I reset it so I can open it?

  19. rosa buie Says:

    i changed batterys and now i cant get in it it says ser

  20. Omid Nasiri Says:

    I want to answer your question about Elsafe .
    1- it does not open or close mechanically but the screen show that it is open….”open the indoor box move the motor a little it would work if not you can clean the motor by a dry spray and you should spray from back of motor.

    2-ser error……”open the indoor case and move the gear until you here the sound of micro switch and then do service open with your service link or what else you have.

    3-the Elsafe does not open no with correct pass nor lock link or service terminal…”this happens when the elsafe motor does not work so first you can shake strongly and hit it if it does not answered you should open it with drilling to do this first open the front panel and you see 2 hole drill with a little drill in this location.
    go 3.5 cm to right from right hole and 3 cm down and then make a little hole there and with a pin or any else try to move the gear from up to down and gradually the lock will open.

  21. Wade Raymond Says:

    Has anyone seen the new top opening drawer safe of

  22. Wade Raymond Says:

    Has anyone seen the new top opening drawer safe of

  23. Ellington Says:

    I have the older model of elsafe Safe Model C05/C15/C20/C28-203 and I need to know how to change the batteries. I bought it but it did not have the manual or can you tell me where to get the manual?

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