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So I’m back from Kauai. I’m usually not one for sit-on-the-beach vacations. I travel largely to learn about the world and to gain a wider experience with varied cultures, so a vacation divorced from those things seems almost silly.

But I have to say, this trip was amazingly relaxing. I saw some really beautiful things, hung out with some great friends and new people and generally had a blast. I even changed my opinion about snorkeling (from “meh” to “that’s kind of cool”) and hiking (I’ve been burnt out on hiking, camping etc since high school when I had ~150 nights of camping under my belt by the time I was 16 due to Boy Scouts, but I found it mentally very relaxing.)

I think the highlights had to have been:

  • The wedding on the beach. Picturesque and touching. A rainbow even came out right after the ceremony.
  • Hiking to the Hanakapi Falls. A fairly long and strenuous hike during the hottest part of the day under a deadline (to get to the airport) but still 100% worth it.
  • Snorkeling. I saw a lot of different types of fish that usually only exist in fish tanks and we even followed a sea turtle (at a safe distance!) for a bit.
  • Hanging out with friends, especially on the beach. Beers on a beach with friends is an important and awesome thing to do (if you choose to drink alcohol).

Stay tuned for photos.

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