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I got new shoes!

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They look like this:

5 Responses to “I got new shoes!”

  1. Colin Says:

    Nice. Do you still know how to tie laces after all those pairs of Merrells?

  2. adrian Says:

    Barely. I keep wanting to just kick these ones off or slip them on. Actually since I went on the Merrell streak, I learned mim’s shoe tying trick*, so I’ve been working on getting fast at that.

    * basically, you tie the bunny ear single knot but go around twice instead of once. It holds like a double knot but pulls out easily like a single knot! Best of both worlds!

  3. Colin Says:

    Wow, I’ll have to look into that trick. If I single know my laces, they’re always coming undone, so I almost always double knot them. This can be a real pain, however, especially when I’m at the security checkpoint at the airport and I’m trying to take off my shoes while standing on one foot.

    I just got a new pair of leather sandals, so those may become my preferred traveling footwear. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of them on my blog tonight…

  4. Colin Says:

    I suggest you make a YouTube video illustrating this magical shoe tying trick. Also, I posted a picture of my sandals…

  5. mummy Says:

    When iwas little, I was so proud of a new pair of shoes, that I insisted that I wear them to bed. I hope you at least don’t need to do that!

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