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comfort in discomfort

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I went for a short bike ride today. It was strange, riding around, hair-in-need-of-a-cut in a wind [1], with tension in my shoulders and a bit of discomfort in the seat. The discomfort was in a way comfortable, familiar. It was good being back on the bike. In the end, my knee only wanted to do a few miles, but I’m hoping it won’t show any ill effects of this exercise later today or tomorrow and that I can ride more in the near future.

[1] I’m a big fan of wearing a helmet, but on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon on a slow ride of a short route of all no-risk right turns on small suburban streets, I didn’t wear one.

taiwan panic

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Yesterday, I went to the Taiwan Cultural Office of San Francisco (in Sunnyvale) yesterday. They serve some consular functions and I was investigating visa stuff for the fall.

I got there and there are people sitting around, forms, papers and signs everywhere, but no one is speaking, reading, writing in English. It ended up taking me 15 minutes to find where to get the forms I needed.

I’m sure I showed a little of a deer-in-headlights look in my eyes, but my mental dialog went something more like “oh my gosh what am I doing?! how am I going to do four months of this when I’m having a hard time with fifteen minutes?!”

It was pretty sweet. I’m sure it’ll work out.

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