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caring about your future is cool and all but not nearly as funny in retrospect

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I was just thinking about some things I said in situations where I was looking for a job. I’m pretty amused (and proud) of a couple of the things I said.

1. To an Autodesk (makers of AutoCad) representative at the MIT job fair:

So why doesn’t MIT use or teach AutoCad?

2. To an engineer at NASA – Ames interviewing me about a environment-surveying robot that used a parachute with a grappling hook to land on and drag itself up a hillside.

I can’t understand why you would want to solve the problem that way.

Needless to say, I didn’t get either job.

(I’m not actually that irreverent in general but sometimes I just get in a mood, I guess.)

(I should also note that I think both things are fair statements, even in retrospect.)

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  1. libs Says:

    I get more spam mail for AutoCAD than anything else. I must seem like the kind of person who is more likely to be tempted to impulse buy CAD software than pr0n or drugs of the “enhancing” variety. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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