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google sms is awesome

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Google SMS is awesome. You simply text what you want to GOOGLE (466453) and it texts you back almost instantly with what you need.

Traveling in Boston last week, I used this a lot. (It should be noted that I have unlimited text messages.) Don’t know where that bar was? Text “the littlest 02116”. Is my flight on time? Text “AA 631”. What time is that movie showing? “Eagle vs. Shark 02139”. What’s that froyo place’s phone number? “Ankara Cafe Boston”. What’s the weather going to be the next day? “Weather 02139”.

All of these things got me the exact information I wanted quickly. I’m impressed!

2 Responses to “google sms is awesome”

  1. Tarq Says:

    I’ve been using this for a while. It will even give you directions. It is great.

    Didn’t the littlest bar close?

    Also, I think you only need to txt to GOOGL (46645).

  2. adrian Says:

    Yes, 46645 also works.

    The Littlest is unfortunately closed and torn down. We wanted to see where it used to be.

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