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another “colour” spectacle

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From the same people that brought you that spectacular bouncy-balls-in-San-Francisco Bravia ad (which, incidentally, first alerted me to the amazing Jose Gonzalez) comes another amazing commercial. It’s basically a building demolition/ fireworks display, except done with paint.

The commercial is pretty great by itself, but go ahead and watch the making of as well. The actually did all of that (as they actually dropped a quarter of a million bouncy balls down the hills and streets of San Francisco). There’s something really cool about doing something that would be a little cheesy with computer graphics instead with real materials, people and dollars (or pounds, as the case may be). The Brits seem to have the corner on that market, starting with that ridiculous Honda ad a few years back.

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  1. Gordon McKiernan Says:

    Yo Ade!
    With respect to the new Bravia ad. That was filmed in a council-housing estate(translates to US-speak as: State housing. Perhaps?) in the north of Glasgow in Scotland, near where I’m from. Not surprisingly, the site was due for demolition because nobody wants to live in high-rise housing anymore, due to the areas in which their built becoming quite ‘ghetto’.
    What amazes me most about the advert is that it’s such a wonderfully, sunny day! Man. I bet they didn’t plan that in their filming schedule! I’ll wager that it was simply fortuitous and good luck. Defo!
    Funnily enough, the Bravia ad. was how I discovered Jose Gonzalez too.

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